Young Youth – 6th to 8th Grade

cre2Youth Religious Exploration (Yo-Yos)

Young Youth (Yo-Yos) are 6th through 8th grade congregants. They participate in the first part of the worship service beginning Sundays at 10:00am and then adjourn to the Parish House for their religious exploration classes.

In addition to Sunday classes, the Yo-Yos curriculum is interwoven with service projects, field trips, retreats and social gatherings. Social events may include skating, bowling, pizza parties, beach retreats and other fun stuff. All youth must be registered to participate in cons, field trips, and overnights.

Contacts: Michelle Murtha, Angela Griffith, Kendra Wasson


Cool Things We’ve Done in the Past

Youth helping at the animal shelterThis picture was taken of our YoYo group at the Tillamook Animal Shelter where we volunteered for about 2 hours helping to clean out animal kennels and exercising homeless dogs.  Our youth had a FANTASTIC time and our help was much appreciated by the staff.

YoYo’s typically take a retreat to Bay City, Oregon (just north of Tillamook) every fall, and do some sort of service project while we are there.  Past projects during retreat have included:  SOLV beach clean-up, Community Gardening, and creation of an “Outdoor classroom” at a local elementary school.


Stone Soup Sermon

We have served as greeters, ushers, and participated in church worship services. Here we are enacting the sermon on Stone Soup.






We have fun too!

video games