Religious Exploration

As Unitarian Universalists we live out faith in every part of our lives. This means that religious exploration is not limited to classes one day a week. Our congregation and the Unitarian Universalist Association supports a multi-generational approach to worship, service activities, religious exploration classes, and social gatherings. The national organization provides many resources for all of these activities and our local congregation determines which of these to use in any one particular year and may include additional local resources.

The Unitarian Universalist Association also provides a variety of curriculum at age-appropriate levels.  Each congregation may choose from these as best fits the need of their local community.  The links below provide more information and the various curriculum options provided by the national organization.

Currently, Sandi Carner is serving as our temporary Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth (CaYRE). A search for a new director is under way and we hope to have someone in place by Fall 2014. A three person team oversees Religious Exploration for the entire education, including classes, workshops, and special activities.  The current members of that team are Dar Parrow, Kathryn Warrior and Kendra Wasson.

Please visit the religious exploration links that pertain to your specific needs.